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Happy G35 Customer

We recently completed a tricked out G35 and might we say, it came out pretty dang awesome! Below is nice write up the customer posted on a forum about us.

A few months ago I was faced with a dilemma of either getting spacers on my WORK T1S to clear my newly acquired OEM brembos or get new wheels. Essentially, I opted for the cheaper route, which was go with 15mm V1 spacers to clear my brembo brakes since I was in love with my WORK wheels at the time and especially since my new offset was now at a +0 all around.

After awhile, I really started to enjoy my more aggressive wheel set up, especially when my original offsets of my WORK T1S were a +15 all around. I felt like getting something new, with a more aggressive offset to essentially make the wheel lips bigger and have them properly fit over my brembo calipers without having to run spacers. I didn’t want to order new WORK wheels since the 5 month wait for my T1S was unbearable! I wanted a forged wheel that didn’t have a long wait time, but still had the same quality build as most forged wheel companies without charging an arm and a leg like companies such as DPE, HRE, and ISS Forged. Don’t get me wrong, the last 3 aforementioned wheels are great and I love their designs and their quality, I just didn’t want to shell an excess of $4500+ on their traditional 3 piece wheels.

Eventually, a very good friend of mine pointed me toward Chad @ Lusso Forged, a wheel company based out of Rhode Island. I spoke to Chad personally through emails, text messages, and phone calls and told him about my dilemma. Chad listened carefully with my situation and was willing to set me up with a set of his Lusso Forged LFC5. I personally picked out my offsets, widths, and disc faces. Chad even made other suggestions to go a bit more aggressive but I ultimately decided to keep my original specs and wheel finish.

Lusso Forged promised my wheels would be in my hands within an ample amount of time and that I would NOT be waiting anywhere close to 5 months to receive my wheels. Well, Lusso Forged kept up with their promise and their word.

Over the course of the weeks they were being made, Chad @ Lusso Forged was in constant contact with me. He would text message me every few days just to give me a status update, despite there not being any major developments with my order, he just wanted to ensure that I was not forgotten and that he was definitely on top of my order, ensuring they were being built and finished properly.

Now, there were a few hiccups along the way. The wrong sized barrels were polished and would have caused a delay in my order. Luckily, Chad caught the mistake in time and ensured me that he would personally see to the proper sized barrels being polished and that I would still receive my wheels on time. Chad even personally paid out of his own pocket to ship them to my door step 3-day priority to make up for his mistake. I was definitely not expecting Chad to do so, but it definitely made me feel a lot better knowing that Chad was going out of his way to make sure I was satisfied with what I had purchased from him.

Needless to say, I received my wheels on time, with a little bit of help from Jeremy (Black Betty) and Ian (ifcp1980) when we had to go pick them up from DB Schenker, something that was entirely NOT Chad’s fault at all.

Anyways, I received my wheels and they were all packaged carefully and very thoroughly, ensuring the lips and finish were not damaged or compromised at all during the shipping process.

I am very very satisfied with the way the wheels came out and the outstanding and excellent customer service that Chad and Lusso Forged has provided. My overall experience with Lusso Forged has been oustanding and I highly recommend Chad to anyone within the G / Z community if you’re looking for a set of wheels, be it a conservative or aggressive set up. Whatever you’re looking for, the people at Lusso Forged are definitely willing to do for you.

Anyways, everyone loves pictures so here they are, finally released.

Wheels: Lusso Forged LFC5 in matte Porsche steel silver

Wheel specs:
20×9.5 -2, Toyo Extensa: 225/35/20, -1.8 degrees of camber
20×10.5 -2, Yokohama S-Drive: 245/35/20, -2.5 degress of camber

Suspension: Megan Street coils

Images were taken by a local Houston photographer by the name of Jason Scott in downtown Houston during Labor Day.

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